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 [TOFU] - ewe targeting players to crash

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Join date : 2015-12-27
Age : 19
Location : Somewhere...on a island in the sea

PostSubject: [TOFU] - ewe targeting players to crash   Fri Jul 22, 2016 2:39 pm

Could you tell your lfs username: Ok, Its cyandic99

Who are you reporting? Please tell us his username: dimaroldugin

Now tell us the in-game name of the individual: [TOFU]ewe

Why you are reporting them: Today I figured out how he his, another hot-head reckless driver.

And not just that, he targeted certain players and crashed them one by one, after doing that he drove his car to a parking lot and got stuck.

I looked at him and said "see what happens when you block players way?" I went afk, a few minutes later I passed by my room, I peeked at my computer screen and saw him trashing my car to bits, I went on duty, started chase, because he got himself stuck pitted and paid a 5k fine.

After that I told him to calm down and I spectated myself so he wouldn't trash me to bits again, went afk again, came back he was off-line, and so I left.

Prove it, show me some evidence: So I came here for what? Throw salt for no reason? Of course I have evidence!
Our trusted friend, the replay.

There ya go :p ->  http://www.mediafire.com/download/68090w9mo497fmw/Tofu%5Bewe%5D_The_Hitman.mpr

Ok here goes the fun part, lets count how many he crashed:

1 -> 11:08:00 until 11:11:00, Ok he was going a bit slow, lets say 60kmh and a player called Skullball was going to overtake him and guess what he did, blocked his way, not suprising FOR A CRASHER.
Well since he was picking targets lets say for a HITMAN :v

2 ->  11:27:00 until 11:32:00, He failed blocking Skullball's way again so he almost PIT maneuvered him and Skullball strikes him back with a gentle bump, but that doesn't matter lets focus on the HITMAN, ok?

3-> 22:04:00 Hm I don't know to call it a crash attempt or a dance, he blocked FOX's way.
I know I know overtaking in the right lane is stupid and I do it sometimes but safely xD, either way blocking them in makes things worse, in my opinion, let them go before a huge mess happens.

4-> 26:20:00 until 26:25:00, !       3.L.o.o.s.h was overtaking [TOFU] ewe, and what he did? blocked !       3.L.o.o.s.h's way but [TOFU]ewe was the one who got worse, and I was driving behind both of them when the crash happened.

5-> 34:12:00 until 34:22:00, Me driving as usual, pretty fast and he blocks my way.
Since I have good driving skills I managed to control my car and blast trough him, sorry mate but, can't touch this :pp

6-> 49:21:00 until 51:31 , he starts out by getting close to my car and bumps it slightly, like "dude u there?" but man can you read? [A(way)F(rom)K(eyboard)]Cyandic??? of course Im not there! -.-'

Then tries to get into the gap, pushing and leaving a mark in my front left bumper, then reverses and rams my front left bumper for the second time.

My car slightly rolls off the parking space then he gets in, backs out and rams the side of my car, gets into the gap once more, backs out and rams my front bumper for the third time!, jesus man.

Its not over, he keeps ramming my car until its reduced to bits, and for the final blow he backs up, goes at full force and gets into the gap for the third time, and this is when I get into my room and saw him destroying my car, I butt-in angry and with good reason.

And if you're reading this [TOFU]ewe if you're going to EVEN start bragging about that there wasn't any free parking spaces, I swear to god I'll jump out of a window, because there was a LOT, I repeat A LOT OF FREAKING PARKING SPOTS and ONE WAS OCCUPIED BY ME.

And if you say its your parking spot, it isn't mate, its a goddamn public parking lot and we can park where we want, ok?

That's all boyz and girlz, cheers. Very Happy
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ranks Pls
Join date : 2011-09-27
Age : 23
Location : Madrid, Spain

PostSubject: Re: [TOFU] - ewe targeting players to crash   Sat Jul 23, 2016 7:30 am

Banned 7 days for crashing.

Maximum 600x200 - sorry.

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[TOFU] - ewe targeting players to crash
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