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 #StreetDrift™ crashing or driving very bad I don't even know

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Join date : 2015-12-27
Age : 19
Location : Somewhere...on a island in the sea

PostSubject: #StreetDrift™ crashing or driving very bad I don't even know   Sat Aug 27, 2016 1:28 pm

What's your lfs username?: cyandic99

Who are you reporting? Please tell us his/her username: streetdrift

Now the in-game name, please: #StreetDrift™️

Why you are reporting them?: Bunny™️ got hit by him 3 times and crashed F!x4CZ head-on also didn't apologized. Since he didn't I guess his crashes were intentional... Even tho he was legit driving bad ._. a problem that us good players make us cry about it

Do you have some evidence?: Of course.... I always do... .-. pls

There (Bunny™️ sent me his mpr, cheers mate)vv


Now my crashlist, my favourite part Very Happy

1st  25:38 ->Ok I'm still trying to get it.... you were speeding on a parking lot and kept going to the direction F!x4CZ was going and broke his poor nose? why everyone has to speed on a goddamn parking lot? its so stupid -.-''

2nd 28:40 -> what took you so long to brake and hit the poor FiatUno 1.6T's rear for no reason? you didn't knew where the brakes were? ._.

3rd 31:14 -> WHAAA?! Are you really overtaking with an GTR oncoming at high speed? it was the GTR's fault too because he was speeding but still ._. its equally stupid what you two did back there, this is called a simulator and you are connected on a cruise server for a reason... you two would be dead if that happened in real life ._.

4th 32:34 -> Are you that impatient? ._. are you?

5th 34:47 -> You tell people to check their mirrors.... you don't check yours so you're blind .-. they're not ._. And because of you I blamed the victim.

6th 39:26 -> Bunny™️ gets hit because of you .-. blind driver

7th 41:27 -> And since this is a cruise server you had the obligation to yield and give way to the oncoming traffic,(not to mention you stood there for 10 seconds on the wrongway) and since most players doesn't know the rules and drives like this is need for speed, this stupid accident happens

8th  42:47 -> You crashed Bunny™️ on porpouse, your sorry doesn't matter anymore ._.

To conclude those accidents happened because you weren't carefull driving, this a cruise server, so you have to respect the rules and when you speed you're at your own risk and if an accidents happens envolving you speeding, its your whole fault because you're not giving time to other players to react and avoid.

I'm sorry #StreetDrift™️ but you're a newbie player I don't think you have enough moral to call others nubs

That's all, I apologize if my report is colossal but some of these players are so bad  they make me throw up more than a thousand words to describe their mess ._.
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Join date : 2016-08-13
Age : 19
Location : Canada/Alberta

PostSubject: Re: #StreetDrift™ crashing or driving very bad I don't even know   Sun Aug 28, 2016 2:13 am

Thank you for cooperating with me and taking your time to write this report.
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ranks Pls
Join date : 2011-09-27
Age : 23
Location : Madrid, Spain

PostSubject: Re: #StreetDrift™ crashing or driving very bad I don't even know   Mon Aug 29, 2016 12:33 am

streetdrift banned 7 days.

Maximum 600x200 - sorry.

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PostSubject: Re: #StreetDrift™ crashing or driving very bad I don't even know   

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#StreetDrift™ crashing or driving very bad I don't even know
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