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 Xrisko1669 insulting-crashing

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chris greece

Join date : 2014-07-02
Age : 26
Location : Greece

PostSubject: Xrisko1669 insulting-crashing    Thu Aug 04, 2016 7:21 pm

your lfs username:

Chris Greece

person your reporting username:


person your reporting in-game name:


why you are reporting them:

that guy was driving in wrong way all the time and he crash alot of ppl..at 33 and 35 min he crash one guy on purpose and after that he started to insult me,and after all the insults he admit that he had other acc too..he said that on forum chat and in game chat too
And in the end you can clearly see the crash and speed hack

some pics and the replay

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Join date : 2015-12-27
Age : 19
Location : Somewhere...on a island in the sea

PostSubject: Re: Xrisko1669 insulting-crashing    Fri Aug 05, 2016 5:39 am

K I'm actually having patience and watching this replay minute by minute, on the 1st seven minutes he loses control... lots he drove like a complete idiot he doesn't even look the map for oncoming traffic ._. Well HE DRIVES LIKE AN IDIOT .-.

In a short brief his driving is careless and reckless (and why he always asks other players of their top speed? tf?) there's speed on the corners too but ok.

Im sorry AMG but this isn't UK start driving on the right side of the road or if you really want to go WW(in a good way= no crashes) check the map for oncoming traffic, the map there's for a good reason -.-'

At least do the minimum, apologize and try to improve the driving if you could please, I'm tired facing stupid situations like this and don't use the excuse that you're a newbie.

I was a newbie too were all were, but when I was a newbie I was 100% on my lane because I wasn't sure if I could do it without having an accident, so being a newbie doesn't mean that you can go WW "accidentally", what the hell man? ._.

And showoff doesn't mean anything, its just km, cars and money you possess you don't need skills to earn that just drive safely and you'll get them like it was nothing.

And why in the hell you park on the middle on the road man? oh is that because you're such a newbie you can't just pull over on the GRASS? lol gimme a break

Funny, AMG very funny on a chase you say that helping the police is not allowed but why you asked one of your friends to help? Interfeering with chase is not allowed nor your friend can help your sorry #Inappropriate Content Censored# nor civilians can help the police.

35:36 its the last blow he causes and ruins Integral's chase and causes a huge crash.

I'm sorry if I speak too much but you guys should already knew how I am, When it comes to crashers, hackers, bad drivers, retards in the LFS world,  I am a 100% Professional hater, for a good reason.

In conclusion, he drove bad and caused a huge crash for no reason, and in the very end he went complete animal, without thinking on what he's saying.


P.S: Will this stupid irrational drama ever end? For god's sake

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Xrisko1669 insulting-crashing
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