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 [BK]-Lau, crashed me multiple times and insulted me

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Join date : 2015-12-27
Age : 19
Location : Somewhere...on a island in the sea

PostSubject: [BK]-Lau, crashed me multiple times and insulted me   Sat Jul 23, 2016 3:23 am

What's your lfs username?: Its Cyandic99

Who are you reporting? Tell us the username: Moderador

Now the in-game name: [BK]-Lau

Why you are reporting them: I was onduty when I got rear ended by him, hardly, so I started chase and destroyed him to bits.

After that he grabbed an heavier car and rammed me at full force, I spectated him, a few minutes later during an arrest I get rammed by him again!

So I spectated him again and told him to calm his tits down but keeps taunting me so I warned him saying "If you keep taunting me like that I'll report"
Then he replies saying "che bobo la carrera esta llena desbaciala tontin" I had no idea what he said and that's why I got very irritated.

Evidence, show me son o-0 : http://www.mediafire.com/download/8hd1laxx1kzk1px/How_to_be_a_cunt_-_By_BkLau.mpr <- there u can laugh the name I gave because its 100% true.

A little disclaimer 27:30:00 until 30:00:00 <- he goes WrongWay and his car handles like a boat don't do this and don't be like him, oh to make things better he lags like shit.

30:45:00 <- And accuses players of using hacks after lagging-crashing himself.

And for the last disclaimer he drives very bad(replay is short skip 1st 27 mins and take time to watch him until the 1st crash against me).

Ok, now lets count how many times he smacked my face with a saltshaker.

1 -> 35:12:00 until 36:21:00, K, he starts off by ramming my rear with a very weak car but his lag helped him to make the impact severe, and that's why I trashed him to bits and sent him to mars, Once again if I acted wrong suspend or fire me.

2 -> 36:56:00 until 37:16:00, he rams my car at full force with an heavier coupe car, so I spectated him.

3 -> 37:35:00 until 38:01:00, rams me again, I tap him back, simple and accuses me of using hacks, pfft, mate get better internet and piss off, I actually said his ping on the chat so here's a little proof(please watch this segment until 38:01:00)

4-> 42:48:00 until 43:24:00, k that's me during an arrest and telling the player êïçyá4²(reis5) to change the skin because êïçyá4²(reis5) was using mine and I get hit by the BkLau's boat again after ticketing êïçyá4²(reis5), so I spectated BkLau and told him to calm down.

êïçyá4²(reis5) <- btw the player was speeding that's why I went after him not because of my skin(I only noticed my skin when I arrested him).

5-> 43:28:00 until the end of the clip, He calls me noob, mate that doesn't affect me, but I get irritated when someone crashes me and takes advantage of the lag to make the impact harder.
And for the final blow he says "che bobo la carrera esta llena desbaciala tontin", idk what he says and that's why I had enough and wrote this report.

[BK]-Lau, if you're reading this, you drive like crap, your car handles like a freaking boat, and your driving is very I repeat VERY reckless.

That's all, Im tired of this -_-

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ranks Pls
Join date : 2011-09-27
Age : 23
Location : Madrid, Spain

PostSubject: Re: [BK]-Lau, crashed me multiple times and insulted me   Sat Jul 23, 2016 7:31 am

It's your lucky day, Cyan! He was hacking. It's his 2nd time. 60 days ban. lol!

Maximum 600x200 - sorry.

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[BK]-Lau, crashed me multiple times and insulted me
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